Ana Egge & The Sentimentals “Say That Now” (album 2016)



Product Description

Ron Sexsmith on “SAY THAT NOW”:

“There are few singers today whose voice hits me in quite the same place that Ana’s voice does. The first time I heard her singing back in the 90’s, it was one of those deja vu moments you hear about. Like a childhood bell that rings in your heart from time to time. She had such a fully realized sound from the get go. Her guitar playing too, though based in familiar folk/blues traditions, was completely her own thing.

And speaking as a songwriter I’ve always admired her gift for melody as well as the unpretentious poetry of her lyrics. So naturally, whenever she gets around to making a new record I’m always quite excited to hear it. (This new one is no exception!) Written and recorded with superb folk-rock band THE SENTIMENTALS (from Denmark) Ana has found a collaborative backdrop worthy of her considerable talents.

Made up of Jacob Chano Lundby (drums) Nikolaj Wolf (upright bass) andMC Hansen (guitar) The Sentimentals effortlessly move from the country twang of “Promises To Break” (a song George Jones would’ve been proud to record) to the atmospheric title track of “Say That Now”. All over this record in fact, you’ll find many tasteful and imaginative arrangements that are all beautifully played and recorded with harmonies that blend perfectly with Ana’s unique vocals.

In a world that has become an increasingly scary place to be, it’s wonderful to hear real music being played with heart, soul and wisdom.

Music that has roots in tradition but feels uprooted at the same time.

You can’t ask for more than that”